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Hear From Those Who Have Experienced coached|by|design inc.

Jeanette T.
Coaching Client, Eliot, Maine



"Anne-Marie Hayward is ready, willing and able to impart her extensive knowledge to those she coaches.  She shares with you the procedures and systems which she has established throughout her career.  Start coaching with her today!"

Launch Pad Participant

Westford, MA



"I was very impressed with Anne-Marie. She did a fantastic job! She was articulate, professional and had a good sense of humor. ( a necessity, absolutely! ) I am new, so she is definitely the kind of coach I would like to learn more from."

Ted Bateman

Regional Owner, Northern New England



"Wow! Didn’t Anne-Marie do a fantastic job at showing us how to determine the numbers we need to work with to reach our goals?  And then she topped if off with the different types of activities and the frequency of the activities you need to make to achieve your goals. You certainly felt her passion during her presentation and  her objection handling responses."

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