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Business Coaching


Why choose coaching?

  • On average, every $1 invested in coaching yields an average return of $8.

  • When training is combined with coaching, it increases productivity by 86% instead of 22% with training alone.

  • Top producers found that on average, coaching produced a rate of return of almost six times the cost of the coaching they participated in.


The question is.....are you ready?

Beyond the statistics, coaching is about improvement.  Regardless of a job title or experience, we can always improve and be better.  Coaching creates opportunities to self-discover and create.  Since coaching creates a one-on-one or small group relationship, the focus is on you...your skills, your goals...and your results.

Sales Team    Coaching



As Sales professionals, numbers are the name of the game.  However, the results don't happen without building solid relationships.


Sales Coaching is focused on the key skills & systems needed to operate a successful and profitable sales team.


Key areas include:


  • Database and Relationship Management

  • Understanding Communication Styles

  • Overcoming Objections and Making the Sale






Real Estate Coaching




Our coaching program is designed to suit every agent or broker-owner.  Whether you own an agency, are brand new to the real estate industry or you are a top producer, this coaching program can help you take your business to the next level.

Because our program is based on a thorough interview and needs analysis, we are able to tailor your coaching program to maximize efficiency and help you grow your business fast!


Some key areas covered are:


  • Database & Lead Generation

  • Key Systems

  • Building a Successful Team

  • Recruiting

  • Agent  Development

  • Retention

Non-Profit Coaching




Non-Profit Organizations face a unique set of circumstances that a traditional for-profit organizations simply don't.

Storytelling and the ability to create compassion and empathy are essential skills for success.  However, these skill sets do not exist is a vacuum.  To succeed, the non-profit organization must embody strong business attributes with this ability to articulate the message.

Some key areas include:

  • Developing & Managing Relationships

  • Capturing the Storytelling

  • Communicating the Value

  • Systems & Tools




Communications Coaching




The ability to effectively communicate is paramount to success in any industry.  When your primary responsibility is communications, public relations or customer relations, your ability to connect, relate and deliver a message is paramount.


Communications Coaching is all about learning how to read others and adapt your style and message so that it can be received efficiently and effectively.


Some key areas include:


  • Understanding communication styles

  • Developing & Managing Relationships

  • Crafting an Effective Message 


"Anne-Marie Hayward is ready, willing and able to impart her extensive knowledge to those she coaches.  She shares with you the procedures and systems which she has established throughout her career.  Start coaching with her today!"

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