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The Art of the Personal Note

Coaching business professionals about developing effective lead generation plans is always an interesting adventure.  I have hear many different objections, ranging from the cost to the intrusion into people’s lives.

While each individual needs to develop their own plan utilizing their own personality and voice, there are some common truths that cannot be avoided.  First, lead generation is a necessity for sales success.  Second, the more personal and directed, the higher the impact and return.

Personal notes are a great way to connect, build and reinforce relationships.  Think about it….when you look at your mail each day, what would you look at first?  The advertisements….the bills?  No, the hand addressed note card envelope.

You can write a personal note for just about any occasion or event.  A thank you for their time.  A nice to meet you or simply a ‘hi’.

Make it a habit to write personal notes each day.  I place 5 blank note cards on my desk each day and even if I don’t write them, five new ones show up each day.  The impact a personal note will have on the recipient will enhance and improve your relationship and your ‘mindshare’

So, start today….try one note!  You’ll be glad you did!

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