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Inspect What You Expect - Leadership by Example

As leaders and managers, we can get caught up in the day-to-day running of our businesses.  That’s to be expected.  However, we must remember that to get the best out of our team members, we must hold them accountable to their goals and stated expectations. Simply put….We Must Inspect What We Expect.

This can (and should) be done in a non-threatening manner.  A weekly check-in meeting or phone call.  Asking about specific goals or tasks and their progress toward achievement. When an employee knows that you care about their success and you are paying attention, they will likely begin to ‘raise the bar’ and act accordingly. Additionally, if your team sees you being held accountable by a coach or mentor, they will begin to respect and understand your motivations and tenacity. So…go forth and ask the tough questions.  You might be surprised by the response!

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