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Engagement, Retention & Relationships

In this unprecedented time and space we find ourselves in, sales and development teams and professionals are struggling to find ways to stay relevant and stay engaged.

While we find ourselves isolated from one another during the stay-at-home restrictions, there are plenty of things we can do to not only maintain and grow our current business relationships, but foster new ones as well. In fact, we would argue that this is an ideal time to act.


Your existing customer base is going through the same thing as you! They are home with their spouses, kids, dogs, cats and fish! They are adapting to the changes in our society and trying to work from home in an efficient and effective way. Your contact list is waiting to hear from you.

Tips & Strategies:Reach out to 5-10 of your business contacts daily.Inquire about their well-being, the status of their business reality and offer assistance as appropriate.


Back when it was ‘business as usual’, many of our clients would commiserate that they were just too busy to prospect for new business. And now? With the restrictions and adaptations that the stay-at-home order have brought, we are spending less time in transit and doing other activities. This leaves us with a great opportunity!

Tips & Strategies: Sites like LinkedIn, Business Journals, the Book of Lists and others provide a great opportunity to catch up on newcomers, up & comers and others you have not connected with before. Set an aggressive goal and go for it!


Now is a fantastic time to go through your notes, journals, files and more to review details, create plans and be better positioned for success once the restrictions are lifted.


If your company offers mobile technology to help you get organized, try it out!If not, consider programs like OneNote, Evernote, OneDrive and more to help you organize your thoughts, action plans and notes.

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