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5 Things Good Leaders DON'T Do

Are you a good leader?  Do you embody the traits of someone others will follow?

True leaders don’t need a title to empower them.  Instead, they posses innate qualities that make other want to emulate them.

Here are 5 common things that true leaders don’t do:

They DON'T talk more then they listen.  True leaders value the opinions of their team.  They ask questions and then truly listen to the answers.

They DON'T assign blame.  True leaders don’t assign blame.  While one person may have made an error, a true leader knows that the success (or failure) of a team lies with the leader.

They DON'T work 24/7.  True leaders know that success is a comprehensive thing.  By having a balanced work/personal life, a leader is able to ‘recharge’ and relax before re-engaging at work.

They DON'T have an ego.  True leaders know that others have lived before them….and others will after them.  True leaders are humble in their success and seek to teach others.

They AREN'T Inconsistent.  True leaders know that if they say something to their team, they better live up to their word.  Saying one thing and doing another leads to mistrust and a breakdown of the team.  Trust is built through consistency and follow through.

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